Production Monitoring and Management

Our Production Monitoring and Management System (20/20) is a real-time shop floor data collection and management system designed to enhance the production management to a higher level using innovative tools.

• Improves productivity by leveraging production monitoring and motivating the workers to meet the standards.
• Provides detailed analysis allowing users to monitor performance and labor costs in terms of employee, operation, part/model number, order, department or subdepartment.
• Lowers overhead costs by eliminating manual data entry, eliminating data redundancy and therefore by eliminating/reducing errors.
• Allows full product traceability by customer order, lot/bundle number and/or work order number.
• Enables engineers to use the reported information to determine the precise cause of any production-related problem and helps them to take the necessary actions to resolve it.
• Provides proactive shop floor management.
• Reports data on time.
• Constitutes a continuous improvement tool for the managers to better lead production operations as well as continuous total quality improvement programs.
• Helps optimize line balancing and flow efficiency.
• Helps optimize engineering and human resources.
• Identifies poor operator performance before it causes a problem.
• Helps managers see job training results faster.
• Helps identify problems with standard allowed times.
• Helps troubleshoot line issues by allowing access to detailed historical information.